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Runs from Thursday March 23 2023 to Sunday April 23 2023

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Williamston Theatre
122 South Putnam
Williamston MI 48895

Event Notes


It’s a 10-year college reunion. Aisha is a Black, successful playwright; she’s on the cover of the alumni magazine. Holly is a white, struggling stand-up comedian; she’s here for the free drinks. They find themselves trapped together inside when a rainstorm interrupts the outdoor reunion. They know each other – or do they? Is this their first meeting or has it just been a long time? Truth and memory become intertwined as details emerge of their shared past. They both have a story that they’ve been telling themselves about what happened all those years ago and they’re both willing to fight for the truth in the present. (Contains mature content and language. Check our website for a note about trigger warnings).

March 23 - March 26 are Preview performances. There will be a talkback after each performance.

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